Putting a caption on your image   When you submit a photograph you need to add caption information to the image so our judges know what they’re looking at.

You can do this after you upload or you may like to do it in advance using a caption editor, particularly the image description ( about 100 words ) that goes in the caption field.

There are a variety of caption editors available, some come with digital cameras or in Photo Editing software, such as Photoshop.

There are many free versions on the web such as irfanview -

Remember to keep a copy of your image as backup   Always make a permanent backup of your master file, the exact file downloaded from your camera, ideally on a CD or external hard drive.

You may wish to prepare your entries in a photo-editing program, such as Photoshop.

Always prepare your image for the competition from a copy of the original file - so you can experiment and always start again if you need to.

Make sure your image is large enough   An ideal size for submission is an A4 image – aim for around 2480 x 3500 pixels.

A few tips on treating the image, remember a picture can be any shape - oblong, square, tall and thin, or panoramic - so your longest edge is about 3500 pixels

Do not try and enlarge a small picture up to A4 for the competition, you may get pixellation.

Don't unintentionally over-sharpen the image.
Make a copy!   Once you have finished preparing your photograph and are ready to submit your entry – back up an exact copy of your entry!
Using a caption editor ?

Add Metadata this way


  IPTC Fields: Field Numbers

  • #005 - Object Name = Image Title - City = Geographic Location
  • #203 - Location = Factory / company name, etc
  • #090 - City = Geographical location
  • #080 - Photographers Name
  • #120 - Caption (Narrative about 100 words)
  • Category & Copyright selected after upload from drop down menu.

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