First of the 2017 judges announced  

Dr. George Dibb - Head of Manufacturing, Design & Innovation Ė Policy Connect

As Head of Manufacturing, Design & Innovation at Policy Connect, George oversees and coordinates the work of the All-Party Parliamentary Manufacturing Group, the Manufacturing Commission, the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Design and Innovation, the Design Commission, and the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Data Analytics.

George holds a PhD in Physics and joined Policy Connect in September 2016 after working at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) for three years as a Higher Research Scientist. In addition George holds experience working at a European aerospace manufacture and design corporation.

Outside work, George enjoys cooking, marathon running, pub quizzes, playing the piano and is currently attempting to learn Italian.



Robert Lea -  Industrial Editor, The Times

Robert Lea is the Industrial Editor of The Times.He covers the breadth of manufacturing and engineering as well as industrial public policy.

He has been a financial and business journalist for more than 25 years in a career which included 12 years on the London Evening Standard as City Correspondent and an earlier stint as a Business News Editor at The Times.

He believes the best-read stories in newspapers are often the ones which are accompanied by the strongest images.


Tom Mayor - Principal Thermal Engineer, MBDA

I have worked in the engineering industry for over 10 years undertaking various roles, including Tooling design, Design support and Thermal Analysis.
I started my career as a mechanical engineering apprentice, spending 4 years completing further education and spending 3 month placements in different aspects of the company. During this time I developed a broad understanding of all aspects of engineering.
My current role is within the mechanical analysis team, primarily Thermal Analysis. I am also undertaking a BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering with the Open University.
Outside of work I am a keen photographer. I have always had an interest in photography but truly began honing my skills with an old 35mm Olympus SLR around 7 years ago. Since then I have shot various sports, weddings and wildlife. A key achievement was being Highly Commended in the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) photography competition with my photograph of a Panda.
Being a judge for the EEF photography competition combines my love of engineering with my passion for photography.


Matt Pulzer Ė Managing Editor, The Manufacturer

I am the Managing Editor of The Manufacturer, a magazine devoted to supporting and celebrating the full spectrum of British manufacturing industries. From micro gin distilleries to the production of key components for the F-35 fighter, The Manufacturer covers all aspects of production.

I have been involved with technology and engineering journalism for over 25 years. From old-fashioned blueprints to the latest CAD, engineering and design is a strongly visual discipline. Photography beautifully complements descriptions of technology and I have used it wherever possible to help tell the fascinating stories that emerge from the industrial sector


Kevin Rawlings Ė Corporate Services Manager, Liberty Industries Group

As a Corporate Services Manager, Kevin Rawlings has worked with Liberty Industries Group for 12 years, having previously held other finance posts in the business. He lives in the West Midlands and is a Chartered Accountant with a degree in Chemistry.

He has been an amateur photographer for the past 10 years, starting with a point and shoot camera which fueled his passion for photography. He gravitates towards subjects such as travel, buildings, abstract, minimalism, natural light, religious art, graffiti and informal portraits. Although donít ask him to photograph your wedding or set up a formal portrait!


Rob Watkins -  Sales & Marketing Administration - Croft Filters

Robís career began as an Apprentice Technician at a Ford Dealership in Warrington. After successfully completing his Apprenticeship Rob gained his HNC in Management which aided his advancement to the position of Manager at a Ford Dealership. Having gained 21 years of experience Rob then moved to GE and further developed his skills in Sales.
After 3 years Rob wanted the opportunity to diversify his sales experience and so joined the Croft team at Croft Filters as Sales and Marketing Manager in 2010. At Croft, Rob has used his extensive knowledge and artistic abilities to create diverse and effective marketing material to support the promotion of their bespoke filtration services.
Robís extensive skill as an amateur photographer has been recognised nationally, by winning the amateur photography section in the EEF Photography Awards in 2012 and again in 2014, 2016 and in the mobile section in 2013.
Robís proficiency in Design and Media supports his development and maintenance of Croft Filters Ltdís website and in their media and marketing campaigns. Rob supports their Research and Development programme showcasing the innovations Croft develop through metal 3D printing technology. Robís role in Sales co-ordinates customer enquiries, product design and delivery whilst maintaining Croftís high levels of customer service. Being invited as a judge of this competition is held with high regard and honour.