Having a problem with entering?   You can contact the hosts of this site, The Digital Asset Lab by sending an email to
admin@thedigitalassetlab.com Make sure you give a brief description of the problem and include your phone number, so we can call you if necessary.
If urgent, call: 0845 5050 911   The Digital Asset Lab
Got a question about the competition?   You can contact Caroline O'Neill at EEF by sending an email to coneill@eef.org.uk
or telephone Caroline during normal office hours: 020 7654 1509
Need help accessing Manufacturers near you?    Manufacturing companies located throughout Britain are allowing access to competition entrants to take images at their facilities. Contact coneill@eef.org.uk  for further details.
How to register
Step 1. Register
  You need to register to enter and upload your photos
    You will be asked:

  • Title
  • First name
  • Last Name
  • Company, College or School ( as appropriate )
  • Postal address including Post Code
  • Email address
  • Contact telephone number
  • Category ( Amateur, Young or Professional )


Step 2.
Click through to login
  Once you have submitted your details you will immediately receive an email asking you to verify you registered.  Click the link and you will be able to log in and upload your photos. Your registered email address is your user name.
Step 3. Start uploading   Login and click the 'upload' button
Step 4.  How to upload   Upload  - see instructions on the upload page.
    Click Finish Uploading
Step 5. Caption your images   Click on each photo to Edit Text

Add the following details for your photograph:

  • Image title
  • Location [eg: name of factory]
  • City [ geographic location ]
  • Photographers Name [ required as many images uploaded by PR Dept ]
  • Copyright held ? [options: Yes, No, Unsure]
  • Image caption (about 100 words - see below)

Please use the image caption to tell the judges what is going on in the photograph or what it is.  Simply moulding or even car part moulding may not be enough, you will know what is being produced, the judges may not.

Step 6. Submit your entry   Click the Enter Competition button to enter your images into the competition.

When the images are gone from your view - they have been entered into the contest, there is no further notification, no confirmation email.

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