EEF Photography Competition Categories

There are four categories for entry in to this year's EEF Photography Competition:

Next Generation

Apprentices and young people engaging in production, skills, training, and STEM learning environments.

Future Technology

Automation, robotics, digital, and clean and sustainable technologies.

Manufacturing Process

The journey from design and R&D to and including the production line.

Manufacturing Product

The finished component or product from a range of manufacturing sectors, from food and drink, automotive, electronics and aerospace to pharmaceuticals and furniture.

Each category will have one winner from each skill level:

  • Best photograph by a Professional photographer

  • Best photograph by an Amateur photographer

  • Best photograph by a Young photographer (Under 20 on 30 September 2018)

Your photograph should represent one or a combination of the following areas:

Product or component

Nothing could be more representative of manufacturing itself than the quality and contribution of its output – both components and finished goods in all their detail and variety. Your image might be of a product or component invented, designed or made in the UK.

  • Your image may capture the product or component in its full glory or in abstract form

  • Your product may be captured standing proudly in its own right, in the environment within which it is manufactured or the environment or place within which it is used

  • Your product or component must have been either invented, designed or made in the UK

Your product must be an article or substance that is manufactured or refined for sale or a thing (but not a person) that is the result of an action or process. Your component must be a part or element of a larger product or a product that is destined to be so.


Show us what best represents today’s dynamic manufacturing environment – the processes which display the transformational characteristics of British manufacturing and/or its lifecycle– from input to output, handicraft to high-tech production; at the macro scale of aircraft product or the micro scale of nanotechnology, prototype to mass production.

Whether it’s the intricacy or precision, the momentum or speed, or the scale – large or small - of the process you choose, your image will capture the ingenuity of British manufacturing at its best.

Your process must involve a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.

What our judges will be looking for in your images

Overall, the judges will be looking for strong images that raise questions in people’s minds. Does the image provoke surprise or admiration? Will people look at it and say: "I didn’t realise that was part of our UK manufacturing base”? Will it make people wish they had taken the picture and captured this message?

Because we want to find a new set of iconic images which portray the boldness and creativity of UK manufacturing, the quality of its output – products, components and processes - we want your images to reflect a new and contemporary identity which truly showcases the UK manufacturing industry.

The Prizes

Win a share of our £5000 prize fund to help you continue your passion for photography. On top of a shared cash prize of £5,000, we also have individual prizes for each category below:

  • You’ll receive High-profile media exposure – including the government’s Great Britain campaign.
  • The best photos will be exhibited to the public, at ministerial offices and EEF offices across the country.
  • The winning images will be displayed at the EEF Future Manufacturing Awards 2018 Gala Dinner, EEF National Manufacturing Conference & Dinner 2019 and a showcase of the best images will be used in our print media and public relations activity.
  • You will help educate and redefine the public perception of manufacturing.
  • Have your image displayed at some of Britain’s biggest and busiest railway stations managed by Network Rail


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