Winners of the 2016 EEF Photography Competition

Every year photographers from around the country celebrate the boldness and brilliance of UK
manufacturing by entering into the competition.

The competition was fierce and from hundreds of entries, 45 inspiring images from photographers across
the UK were shortlisted and the winners announced at the House of Commons for the 7th annual
photography competition sponsored by Canon and APMG

The winners were presented with certificates and snapped up a share of Canon photography equipment and
gift vouchers.

Amateur photographer category

Winner - Amateur


Runner Up - Amateur

Winner - Rob Watkins

Hemispheres, taken by Rob Watkins at Croft Filters in Warrington

An British engineer welds together the two hemispheres of a cylindrical screen filter used in the recycling of plastics. Manufactured here in Britain at Croft Filters Ltd, Warrington, this screen is a critical component that is a part of the first commercial production line in the world manufacturing post-consumer PC/ABS pellets from shredded waste electrical and electronic equipment.


Runner-up - Andy Newman

Rotor Rows, taken by Andy Newman at National Oilwell Varco (NOV) - Mono™ pumps Greengate Manufacturing Facility in Manchester.

At NOV - Mono™ pumps we manufacture many different sizes and types of rotors from a single bar of metal. Each one is polished to ensure a smooth flow is created when they are used in a Mono™ pump. The highly polished surface finish reflects the factory lights and also shows the bright yellow overhead crane used in the production area.

Professional photographer category

Winner - Professional


Runner Up - Professional

Winner - Mike Brookes Roper

Corkscrew Turbine, taken by Mike Brookes Roper at Kirkwall in Orkney.

Flumill's turbine being manoeuvred into position ready for deployment.


Runner-up - Adrian Waine

Rhinoflex, taken by Adrian Waine at The WEC ( Leeds ) Ltd factory in Glossop.

WEC ( Leeds ) Ltd is a family run business and manufactures a range of composite industrial hoses under the brand name Rhinoflex. Rhinoflex hose construction is unique consisting

Young photographer category

Winner - Young photographer


Runner Up - Young photographer

Winner - Henry Gill

Building the Royal Navy - 2, taken by Henry Gill at Texcel Technology in East London.

Building the Royal Navy' The photograph distinctly portrays modern and advanced manufacturing in Britain - building electronics that go on to be used all over the world for the marine, military and medical sectors to name a few. Taken at 'Texcel Technology' in East London, the photo shows testing bespoke motherboards, built for the Royal Navy on site.


Runner-up - Joshua Daniels

By the Roadside, taken by Joshua Daniels at Finchley, London.

The Brompton folding bicycle will surely join the ranks of iconic British manufacturing and design pieces. This particular model, a racing green edition in a semi-folded state, is pictured in front of the North Circular, juxtaposing the stationary bike with the fast moving traffic.