This year we searched for images that demonstrate why manufacturing, made in Britain, is so vibrant.

Our winning entries were announced at a special event in the House of Commons.
Best photograph by an amateur photographer - mobile device category

WINNER - Robert Watkins

Perf-ect taken by Robert Watkins. A large perforated steel filter has the flange welded together by a skilled welder at Croft Filters Ltd, Warrington. It will be used at a huge British fuel and oil refinery with a very important role to play - perf-ect!

The judges felt this was a good example of what can be captured using a smart device. The strong composition produces a well-considered image that highlights the texture of the steel.

Best photograph by an amateur photographer

WINNER - Shane Butler

Molten Man 2.0, taken by Shane Butler. A technician tending a vat of hot molten metal.

Our winning image uses strong composition and well controlled exposure to combine rich, warm tones and shadow. The judges liked the intensity and concentration involved in the centuries old process, which is still key to modern manufacturing through the tools it produces.

RUNNER UP - Alan Burke

Mill being heat treated, taken by Alan Burke.

This captivating image draws the viewer in with leading lines and balance of shadow and bright colours. The judges recognised how challenging it can be to capture

Best photograph by a professional photographer

WINNER - Mike Smith

Completion, taken by Mike Smith. This newly completed HD Plough is an unmanned vehicle launched and controlled remotely from the deck of a ship. Weighing around 35 tonnes it is capable of operating at a depth of up to 1500 metres. Designed to bury electrical cables connecting wind farms, a ship pulls it along the sea bed while the plough digs a trench as deep as 2.5 metres to lay the cable. Considering the UK is an international leader in wind farm technology, the plough will form a vital part in the future of renewable energy.

The judges felt this photograph showed how the UKs unique capability and innovation in heavy engineering has led to technologically advanced products and position as global leader in a field that is powering the future. The strong colour palette, with contrasting machinery and lighting creates a sense of scale and a dramatic image.

RUNNER UP - Robert Yeatman

White Bike, taken by Robert Yeatman. A hero image of the Vis Vires Ultegra bike. Information, integration, inspiration - Optimise Without Compromise.

The judges admired this technically strong product shot, which brings the product to life and creates a sense of 3D. With the majority of road bicycles manufactured outside the UK, the subject is competing globally and highlighting the UKs capabilities.


Meerwind HI-10, taken by Steve Morgan.

The sheer scale of the operation is shown in this image, with curves giving the feeling of an endless stream and lines leading to infinity. Good use of lighting and repeating elements contrast well with the human element.

Best photograph by a young photographer

WINNER - Sophia Campion

Corgi socks, taken by Sophia Campion. A bundle of newly made lightweight cotton socks. Corgi Hosiery has been trading continuously for 121 years, through four generations of the Jones Family. They currently hold the Royal Warrant and supply high-quality socks throughout the world. Corgi has continued to grow through the last five years, exporting 60% of production to the USA and Japan.

The judges enjoyed the abstract nature of this mesmerising image, with a terrific mix of lines and colours. This great British product is exported all around the world and the business is still going strong over 100 years on.

RUNNER UP - Sam Doyle

From The Side Line, taken by Sam Doyle. This photo was taken from the perspective of the components, making you feel part of the manufacturing processes and more involved with the photo. you can look out onto the busy production line from the safety of the shelving. Using the wide GoPro lens captures a whole new world of manufacturing.

Strong composition and good use of a wide angle lens emphasise the scale involved in this process. Good use of lighting and reflections create a dramatic image which illustrates the clean environment for modern automotive manufacturing.