Winners of the 2015 EEF Photography Competition

This year we again searched for images that demonstrate why manufacturing, made in Britain, is so vibrant.

Manufacturing’s creativity and diversity were celebrated at the House of Commons for the 6th annual photography competition sponsored by Lombard.

The winners were presented with certificates and snapped up a share of £5,000 worth of Canon photography equipment.

Amateur photographer category

Mark Tomlinson - Amateur winner


Steve Watts - Amateur runner up

Winner - Mark Tomlinson

Clearing The Gate, taken by Mark Tomlinson at Sheffield Forgemasters International, winner of the amateur category of the EEF Photography Competition 2015

This image was captured during the pouring of one of the largest steel castings ever made anywhere in the world. This is the result of meticulous planning and months of highly specialised modelling and simulstion combined with the experience of many skilled engineers. Few places in the world could attempt to make such a product and none can match the quality and reliability delivered by Sheffield Forgemasters in the UK.


Runner-up - Steve Watts

Hot Property, taken by Steve Watts at Darlington Engine Plant, runner-up in the amateur category of the EEF Photography Competition 2015.

Hot Property... This is an engine exiting the paint drying process prior to having the starter and alternator fitted.

Professional photographer category

Winner - professional


runner up - professional

Winner - Mike Smith

Realisation, taken by Mike Smith at Soil Machine Dynamics in Wallsend, winner of the professional category of the EEF Photography Competition 2015.

The completed third in a trio of pioneering seafloor production tools commissioned by Nautilus Minerals and manufactured at SMD in Wallsend, Newcastle Upon Tyne, the Collecting Machine is designed to collect material excavated from the seafloor by drawing it in as seawater slurry. Using its internal pumps, it is able to push this from the seabed to a support vessel via a riser and lifting system. Weighing in at 200 tonnes and operating at a depth of approximately 1600 meters, the Cutting Machine is launched and controlled remotely from the deck of the support vessel.


Runner-up - Andrew Perkins

Testing, taken by Andrew Perkins at NOV HydraRig in Great Yarmouth, runner-up in the professional category of the EEF Photography Competition 2015.

Manufactured here in the UK because of our excellent engineering expertise and stringent safety, this image of a Liquid Nitrogen Pump encapsulates modern manufacturing, bringing together pioneering design, revolutionary engineering, worldwide logistics and a highly skilled workforce. Used within the Oil and Gas industry this Liquid Nitrogen Pump is designed to operate within extreme conditions. Here we see the end of the manufacturing process with the unit being tested for flow rate and pressure.

Young photographer category

winner - Young photographer


Runner up - Young photographer

Winner - Jake Silverstone

Old to New, taken by Jake Silverstone, winner of the young photographer category of the EEF Photography Competition 2015.

This image depicts two iconic route-master buses in central London. Although the two buses were constructed half a century apart, it is easy to see that some design features remain the same-a testament to timeless British design. This photos presents London as both a modern city, but also one which has firm roots in the past.


Runner-up - Siobhan Lock

Mechanical Flower, taken by Siobhan Lock at Selwyn's Seaweed in Swansea, runner-up in the young photographer category of the EEF Photography Competition 2015.

The machine that counts and sorts the seaweed.

Lombard/RBS Group photographer category

Winnner - Lombard/RBS Group

Winner - Laurence Sweeney

Concept, Design and Manufacture, taken by Laurence Sweeney at Tharsus Limited, winner of the Lombard/RBS photographer category of the EEF Photography Competition 2015.

Tharsus develop, manage and manufacture products under one roof allowing clients to focus on their core business activities. This image represents the workshop area of the business where fabrication plays a key role. Employees range from 40 year experience to young apprentices.