Modern manufacturing is a vibrant arena with the potential for striking imagery of technology, processes and people.

In 2010, the EEF Photography Competition provided the chance to win some amazing prizes and to gain national recognition for photographs taken by amateurs, professionals and young people alike.

The entries into this inaugural year of the competition exposed the boldness and brilliance of manufacturers who are ready to be recognised by the rest of the UK and beyond.
Best photograph by a young photographer

Today’s Engineering, Tomorrow’s Future
Melissa Garratt

This image offers a great initial impact. Its strong use of colour results in this conceptual photograph drawing-in the viewer and provoking questions about its content. The judges felt the photographer has captured the people element of modern UK manufacturing.

Winning young photographer, Melissa Garratt said:

"Young, bright and enthusiastic people are the spirit of modern UK manufacturing today. ‘Today’s Engineering, Tomorrow’s Future’ shows MBDA’s young apprentices in one of our test chambers, underneath a product that they help to manufacture. MBDA as a company embodies the spirit of manufacturing through its young people; it gives them the opportunity to get involved and hands on with all aspects of manufacturing, from designing, to building, to testing. By keeping this spirit in their young people UK manufacturing today can have a bright future tomorrow.”

Best photograph by an amateur photographer

Ingot Mould
Mark Tomlinson

The judges were impressed by the dimensions shown in this photograph, with the huge ingot mould standing proud in the foreground; the terrific, dramatic skyline; and the vertical lines of the chimneys.

This image robustly fulfils the ‘product and places’ element of the competition brief, and clearly demonstrates the UK’s ability to manufacture large, world class components.

Winning photographer, Mark Tomlinson described his photograph:

"This is the largest ingot mould in the UK. The shape was totally new and was designed using the industry leading modelling capability, developed in-house by Sheffield Forgemasters International Ltd. The mould had to generate the correct solidification profile within the ingot whilst meeting strict physical limitations. A traditionally designed ingot for the same product would have been significantly larger and outside the capabilities of the existing equipment.”

Best photograph by a professional photographer

Aston Martin, Tim Wallace

The judges felt that this image displays a spiritual British marquee in Aston Martin, in this visually impactful shot.

The photograph was originally commissioned by Aston Martin for marketing purposes.